Life Groups

Life Groups

At Port Rowan MB Church (PRMBC), fellowship is a high priority. We work hard to ensure that nearly every person who comes into contact with PRMBC is presented with the opportunity to be part of a LIFE group. Within a wide variety of groups, friendships develop, personal growth occurs, and people are cared for.

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What are LIFE groups?

LIFE groups are groups of six to twelve people who meet regularly for support, encouragement, Bible study, socials, worship, and outreach. Groups are led by trained, supported lay people who facilitate group direction. They are places where you can connect with people who share your interests, people who are at a similar stage in life or people who have expertise in an area where you would like coaching.

Young marrieds can join together in activities that nurture their marriages and provide for lifelong friendships. For seniors, there are groups where the skills they’ve spent a lifetime developing are used to train and serve others. LIFE groups reflect the people at PRMBC and continue to change and develop with the interests and needs of the people.

Where do they meet?

PRMBC LIFE groups meet in various locations throughout Norfolk County.  From Port Rowan to Long Point, from Walsingham to St. Williams, from Glen Myer to Simcoe.  Most LIFEgroups meet in homes although there are several that meet at area businesses, parks, restaurants or at our church facility.

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Who can participate?

PRMBC LIFE groups are open to everyone in the community.

When do they meet?

PRMBC LIFE groups meet at various times each week. There are groups meeting in the daytime as well as in the evenings.

LIFE group purpose: “Transforming LIFE together.”

At PRMBC, LIFE Groups are a way of life, not simply a program.


For more information contact the church office at 519-586-2835.